if you are a poker beginner Poker 

Don’t do these things if you are a poker beginner

Check out some of the worst tactics you can have in 99poker as a beginner. Try to avoid the following mistakes as a poker novice. Different poker lovers have different approaches into winning the game. Of course, in this mind casino game counting on luck is not a practice winners appreciate. However, in all cases, the strategies in playing poker games today, especially in the internet, are as many as the active pros are registered in the top popular gambling websites. Although improvising is a good thing in casino experience,…

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about online poker Poker 

Misconceptions about online poker we meet every day

These are the top lies about you shouldn’t stick to when playing at link alternatif pokerace99. Read about some wrongly understood facts about poker. Rule number one in poker – don’t trust anybody, right? Do you stick to it? Ok, then why does it happen all the time: someone have read something in the web and then starts spreading it among the other players, who eventually keep it as a 100% truth? Frankly, we’ve seen a lot of cases like this. And that’s why we meet so many misconceptions about…

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poker skills Poker 

How to take your poker skills to the next level

Here are some cool tips to increase your poker potential at pokerace99. See how a poker player can advance and progress easily. Advance is a golden word in the world of poker. It doesn’t matter if you play poker in a ground casino, or online, progress, but not more money you win the game is what matters. How to progress, though? This must be a top question every beginner asks during his first steps in the field of poker. The truth is that a beginner is actually quite more progressive…

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guide to avoid poker burn Poker 

Follow our guide to avoid poker burn out syndrome

Check out how to never suffer from poker burn out syndrome in pokerkiukiu. See our guides to avoid such a bad side of your funny gambling activity. You might have heard about the so called burn out syndrome. Usually, it’s related with people who work in the office, mainly in the IT sphere. However, what about if we tell you that there’s such a thing as a burn out syndrome in gambling and specifically in poker? By the way, just like working burn out syndrome is related with tough job…

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