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How to Make the Most of Online Casino Bonuses

Web casinos offer a selection of bonuses and rewards to new and existing players, including free games and spins, deposit matches, and loyalty points.

One of the best perks that players get is bonuses of various kinds, including free spins, welcome offers, promotions, and referral bonuses. Virtually all online platforms offer rewards in one format or another but the wagering requirements vary by provider. Here is what types of bonuses you can get, how they work, and what details to pay attention to.

What Are Casino Bonuses

While rewards come in different types, be it free games, loyalty points, or bonuses, the same basic principle applies. You get extra money or credits to play which are added to your account. As certain terms and conditions apply, it is not “free” money and in some cases, the bonus disappears once you withdraw your winnings. Still, most varieties are worth taking advantage of as you have the chance to increase your earnings.

How to Claim Your Rewards

The methods vary by provider and the type of bonus claimed. Sometimes funds are credited automatically to your online account while in other cases you need to enter a bonus code or make a deposit.

Why Casinos Offer Rewards

The main reasons why casinos offer rewards are to retain existing customers and attract new players. With thousands of online platforms competing for customers, it is not surprising that virtually all casinos offer rewards to stand out. They are also adding new games as they are released to offer more variety, including variations of poker, roulette, sa gaming88, craps, etc.

Perks for New Customers

Two types of rewards are available to new customers – no deposit bonus and deposit match. With a deposit match, the casino offers a certain percentage of the initial deposit. For instance, if the platform advertises a 100 percent match up to $300, then you will get $150 if you deposit $150 and $250 if you deposit $250. The maximum amount that you can get is $300. Keep in mind that most online casinos require a minimum deposit. The maximum and minimum amount and the percentage offered varies by provider. The second variety, a no deposit bonus is where you get free cash without having to make a deposit. The amount will be smaller compared to deposit matches, and this type of offer is not as common. It is usually new platforms that feature no deposit bonuses.

Rewards for Existing Players

Casinos offer a variety of rewards to existing customers, the most common being VIP programs, loyalty schemes, and reload bonuses. All major casinos feature a loyalty program and incentives such as free meals and drinks, room upgrades, access to exclusive shows, sporting events, and tournaments, and discounts at select diners and retailers. Physical casinos, resorts, and cruise lines also feature VIP programs, with generous rewards like luxury vacations and cruises for high-stake players.

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