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The most frequently asking questions about casino

Read some of the most interesting FAQs about offline and judi online platforms. See what people are interested about when it comes to casinos and casino market.

You won’t believe how weird, ordinary or stupid questions people can ask about offline casino rooms or modern judi online platforms. Today, we pay attention at some of them, because to tell you the truth it is not going to be possible for us to quote them all. Plus – we believe it is not very healthy as some scientists claim that stupidity is infectious.

We prefer to list you the most frequently asking questions about casinos that are funny, curious and interesting. So if you are ready, have a look them below:

  • Where do the casino chips have actually come from? They say, the first real gambling chips are made in China, but we cannot be sure about it, because China is still at war with the States regarding such historical questions. We, though, can tell where the casino chips are usually made. They are provided by companies, which specialize in nothing else, but making gambling equipment. Unlike the card decks that are manufactured by one owner in the States, there are dozens of companies that produce casino chips.
  • Which is the first casino in Las Vegas? That’s a curious and interesting question, too. The first casino built there was called Pink Flamingo. It is interesting that if you make a walk through the casino streets in Las Vegas you will see a lot of casino names related with this one (incorporating either the word flamingo, or having something in pink in its logo). The year was, by the way, 1946th, a bit after the World War Second.
  • Which casino does make more profits – online or offline? The numbers during the years are contrary and strange. Some reports show a tendency for the online gambling to be more profitable for the owners, but there’s also evidence that offline casinos have more stable income month by month, as well as year by year, while internet giants can suffer from huge losses suddenly.
  • Which is the country with the biggest wins and winners throughout the year? The truth is that you might not believe it, but it’s not in the States. Actually, it’s not even in Europe. We cannot say a concrete country name, but it is definitely in Asia. There are years when Japanese gambling activity becomes extremely huge, but there’s also information according to which Indian casino players get the best profits.
  • Which is the European country with the hugest casino tax fee? It is as a matter of fact, the Netherlands. However, you will be amazed finding out that in this country all lottery winnings are tax-free.

Did you know the answers to these interesting casino-related questions? And do you have your own questions you want to ask? Don’t be shy and do it right away!

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