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Top facts you should know about Baccarat

If you are going to play Baccarat at, check out this material. Here’s where we include all the top important facts about Baccarat you should know.

Baccarat is a classical card game. It’s mostly popular for being James Bond’s most favorite casino game. Save for the ground casinos, these days you can play Baccarat in a lot of gambling websites, including at

If you are a Baccarat lover, though, except for the successful and curious strategies to win more money in it, you might be also intrigued about some Baccarat facts. And if you are just about to test the game, you should definitely know these top Baccarat facts, too:

  1. Baccarat has plenty of versions. Most of them are hybrids of classical Baccarat and other casino games. The biggest abundance of Baccarat types, of course, is due to internet gambling industry. This is why most of the different Baccarat versions are actually here, in the web.
  2. The most popular Baccarat version is the Mini Baccarat. As the name suggests it, the game is played on a smaller table. Only 7 participants are accepted in the game unlike the traditional Baccarat, where the players can be up to 14.
  3. There are only three Baccarat bets. And they are available in all of the different Baccarat versions. The first bet type is for the banker’s hand to be winning. The second one is the bet for the player’s hand to win, while the last bet is for both of the hands to tie.
  4. You might not believe, but just like many other casino games, Baccarat is an old one. To be more specific, it’s known that the first Baccarat version appeared in the period between 13th and 14th century. Most history specialists claim that Baccarat is an Italian game, because in Italian the name means “zero”. However, there’s also a theory according to which Baccarat has French origin. This theory says that Baccarat appeared in the beginning of the 15th century. King Louis XIV was the first one to make the game an official entertainment in the country.
  5. Meanwhile, Baccarat has been always the most popular game of Macau, which, you might know as the best gambling destination ever. Although not all the tourists play Baccarat when enter a Macau-based casino, the locals are literally in love with this card game. On the other side, a recent study has shown that more than 90% of Macau’s gambling revenue is registered from Baccarat activity. This means that even the foreigners get obsessed by the Baccarat adventure once they get here.
  6. The standard Baccarat commission is 5%. It’s a practice almost all of the casinos follow. However, these days, it has become possible to find Baccarat platforms with reduced commissions. It’s likely for you to discover the card game in an online format with 4% commission. Last, but not least, there are even punters who have succeeding in finding Baccarat commission under 1%, which is close to zero.

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