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How rich are the owners of famous online sportsbooks?

We hear about the popularity of online gambling, about millions of players around the world who are particularly interested in online sports betting and sportsbooks that deal with millions every day. Have many people really wondered who is behind these multimillion companies and what fortune they have built from their investments.

London Times published a list with some of the richest men in the gambling industry, and of course some of these owners are among the wealthiest people in the world. Let’s have a look at some indicative situations:

Peter and Denise Coates, are father and daughter and the owners of Bet365. They both maintain a combined fortune of about 750 British pound. According to the London Times, in 2011 only, their fortune went up by 220 million GBP because of the profitability of Bet365, since the global economic crisis effects do not seem to affect the company seriously.

Russ DeLeon and Ruth Parasol are the names that follow in the list. Both are founders and owners of PartyGaming, which is very well known for its online poker platform, except of course from the sportsbook. The two partners maintain a fortune of over 733 million GBP, though the economic recession seems to have affected them, since we can clearly notice that they lost about 100 million GBP in 2011.

Fred and Peter Done are the owners of well know Betfred. The company is buying out smaller gambling companies in the UK at the moment, following an expansion strategy. Both men have a fortune that exceeds 660 million GBP.

PartyGaming is present once more in the list with Vikrant Bhargava, CEO of the company. His personal fortune exceeds 230 million GBP.

Victor Chandler is the owner and founder of the homonymous betting company. Mr Chandler doesn’t seem to face significant financial issues himself, since his fortune of 160 million GBP, allow him to live a life without deprivations…

We should also not forget Mr. Andrew Black and Ed Wray, who are the founders of Betfred and The two partners hold 125 million GBP and 132 million GBP respectively.

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