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Why playing online slots is similar to financial investing?

See why we can say that financial trading is similar to playing joker123 slot machines online. Discover how both of these activities come to be very alike.

Gambling always involve real money. Those free spins are given to you through a combo of 3 or 4 wilds or scatters are also paid, please, don’t forget that. On the other side, we believe that the demo mode is also a part of the real money slot game playing. After all, we use the free playing mode as a test for the game or even more – to learn how to play these types of casino games if this is our first time.

In all cases, though, it’s essential to invest real money in your joker123 slot casino provider if you want to earn something in exchange. So isn’t then playing slot machines a form of investment? We believe it is. And by the way, we have a lot of similarities to show you in order to prove you that investment and gambling with slot machines are kind of the same things. Here’s why:

  1. Slot machines have ROI rates, too. Generally, you can calculate the ROI through the payout ratio. In every slot game information section there are details about the expected RTP. It is always better to see the RTP details given directly from the slot provider. There are some websites in the web with their own RTP facts. Hence, not always the information in such platform is precise.
  2. In both – financial investment and playing slot machines with real money – there’s a risk to fall in the trap of chasing your loss. This is, by the way, the worst thing that can happen to you whether you play slots for extra cash flow in your bank account or you are a trader on the global financial markets. Chasing the loss is everything else, but not a reliable way to recover after a certain failure.
  3. If you want to be really rich, whether you play slot games or you are investing, part of your wins should be always transferred to the fund called reinvestment. This fund is a part of your budget management system. And such system is a must to be available for traders and for gamblers. In a slot machine gameplay you win almost 4 times per minute. In financial trading, the win comes a bit later, but the philosophy of proper reinvestment approach is kind of the same. The minimum size of your reinvested money from the total income you have per certain period is about 35%. Try not to fall under this %.

Slot games are definitely cool, intriguing and absolutely awesome alternatives to invest some cash and to have a great return later. The difference, though, between slots and investments on financial market, is that slot games are totally great and very entertaining. Aren’t they?

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