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Have you ever heard about these slot facts?

Find out some interesting and cool facts about osg777 motobola. Discover some of the weirdest things related with the slot machines.

It’s impossible to be a gambler and to avoid the slot machine experience. Every player with an account in an online casino reaches the slot machine sooner or later. Whether just for a try or to kill some time we all experience the joy and the thrill of playing slots.

But do we know everything about them? They might be, indeed, super popular and all around us all the time, but there might be things we haven’t ever heard about the slot games.

Try this test. See if you have known any of these facts about slot machines.

  1. Wikipedia claims that the first slot machine was invented in the 1891st year. It had 3 reels and it appeared in Brooklyn. However, many sources across the web will tell you another story of the slot machine. According to this second story the slot machine appeared in the early years of the 19th century and it was not even made for gambling, but to prove a scientific statement.
  2. Slot machines have become symbols of American gambling style due to two presidents of the United States. First, it was Ronald Reagan and then, it was George Bush. Although they have made completely different things about slot machine and its popularity, the results were equal: nowadays slots are among the top preferred gambling products by Americans who play in osg777 motobola.
  3. There’s a statement according to which slot machine experience might be even more addictive than methamphetamine. According to a research in the late 90s of the previous century there were a very close number of addicted gamblers to those who had been on meth for five years. This research was one of the reasons for gambling commissions and agents to later – three decades later – to establish an international standard for all slot providers to include gambling addiction policies in their websites.
  4. There are stats according to which the ground casino slots pay more often, but the prizes in the online slots are at least twice huger than those in the real physical casinos. The research, though, took place only in the States and later, from the European gambling commission there was a statement according to which such a statistical fact cannot and should not be applied to the entire world or the entire gambling market. A couple of years later the Asian slot providers confirmed that the online slot companies register more wins rather than the offline casinos. Hence, let’s not forget that the Asian ground casinos are very rare.

Do you know some other weird fact about slot machines? We are super curious to hear about it. Read us back and we can even make a material with your information. Be a famous slot player and expert with us!

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