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Misconceptions about online poker we meet every day

These are the top lies about you shouldn’t stick to when playing at link alternatif pokerace99. Read about some wrongly understood facts about poker.

Rule number one in poker – don’t trust anybody, right? Do you stick to it? Ok, then why does it happen all the time: someone have read something in the web and then starts spreading it among the other players, who eventually keep it as a 100% truth? Frankly, we’ve seen a lot of cases like this. And that’s why we meet so many misconceptions about online poker every day. Some of them are nasty, while others even prevent you from earning some extra cash or even playing poker at all.

Let us, please, name you a couple of these common and harmful poker misconceptions now:

  1. If I am good at Omaha, I will be a Texas Hold Em king. Ok, we are talking about two completely different poker formats. They have completely different terms and conditions. They even distinguish by the hand rankings in some aspects. How come can you apply an Omaha poker strategy in a Texas Hold Em poker game? That’s absurd.
  2. I cannot play in a poker website if it has restricted the country where I live in right now. Haven’t you ever heard of link alternatif pokerace99? That’s a pity. We thought that if you are an online player, then you have read at least a couple of helpful gambling materials where these basics in online casino spheres are explained in details. Yes, you can play in such websites.
  3. I can always borrow some money and continue my game, when I feel super lucky. You can borrow money from the bank. You can also borrow money from your best friend. But all of these don’t suit the responsible gambling. It’s a sign of a poor bankroll management system and a symptom of poker addiction. And these two things are not ok at all.
  4. Folding is for losers. Actually, losers are those who never fold. They weak players don’t even know when it’s good to fold. They don’t realize that checking all the time when having poor cards is the worst thing they can do. Folding is one of the best options in many ways. It’s the best decision when you don’t want to raise especially when you are in a draw.
  5. Who cares what happened yesterday, I know my game. Tracking your mistakes from your previous poker day is actually the reason why you still believe in misconceptions. It shows that you don’t make any checks and tests. You take everything for granted – false information, wrong tactics for poker you have just heard about…

Now you know that a lot of things we find in the web as poker facts are not on mandatory close to the reality. So please, from now, check your sources and each information you receive and use in your poker activity.

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