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Follow our guide to avoid poker burn out syndrome

Check out how to never suffer from poker burn out syndrome in pokerkiukiu. See our guides to avoid such a bad side of your funny gambling activity.

You might have heard about the so called burn out syndrome. Usually, it’s related with people who work in the office, mainly in the IT sphere. However, what about if we tell you that there’s such a thing as a burn out syndrome in gambling and specifically in poker?

By the way, just like working burn out syndrome is related with tough job in the sake of bigger results and more cash flow from a specific job position, in poker, players are at risk to also – play more hours per day aiming to become pros and eventually get the best prizes in a tournament or a single poker table game.

In fact, poker burn out syndrome is very close to what we call gambling addiction. The truth is that a lot of specialists claim that the poker burn out syndrome is one step close to the gambling addiction. That’s why you will agree that we should all avoid it. Here’s our guide to make poker burin out syndrome just a memory or a thing we have never seen and felt:

  1. Have some hobbies that are different from poker. Actually, they should be on mandatory different from gambling and any games. Try to look for something on the contrary side of poker, games and cards. For instance, if you love playing Texas Hold Em poker in pokerkiukiu, it’s a good idea to spend half of your leisure time in drawing, listening to music or reading crime novels.
  2. Have a specific time schedule. Frankly, we should all have it, for our life, for our job and etc. If you already have some kind of a monthly or weekly schedule to stick to in order to improve your organization and self-control skills, just add poker in the plan. Try to never skip your own limits and don’t forget that these are your rules and by avoiding them, you are not becoming a rebel, but a failure to your own conception for life.
  3. On mandatory, have some days off. We mean days that you are not just away from your poker account, but away from the computer. It turned out that banning yourself not to play poker, but still remaining at the laptop is tough and eventually the burn out syndrome irritates you even harder. What we recommend you is to have some digital holiday every week, for instance. In this digital holiday, don’t open your e-mail box (because a message for a hot poker bonus might appear there), don’t read any news in the internet (because a new app for poker might appear as an for you) and etc. and etc.

Are you scared of getting addicted in poker or gambling at all? Then, don’t let the poker burn out syndrome get close to you! Use our tips and stay away from burn out syndrome in poker.

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